The Bones (novella)

“The Bones” is the opening novella in a planned cycle of dystopian stories, presenting an all-too-familiar society in which brutality and destructive thinking seem likely to derail the human project before we manage to reach global enlightenment – or, at least, an acceptable level of happiness for all.

“The Bones” was first serialised in the American author David Abrams’s popular blog, The Quivering Pen.

“…a funny, frightening vision of an unspecified future in which America is a wasteland society whose currency is oil. Some would argue it’s not much different from the current state of the nation. I’ll let you draw your own parallels, but let’s just say I think Mad Max would be right at home in Koch’s neo-Western Apocalypse….” (David Abrams)

oil derrick town

The Bones – Part 1

“Oil Town was not a town at all, it was a long road skirted on both sides by corridors of buildings the colour of dust…”

The Bones – Part 2

“The Oilers were shocked when they heard that Wyre had gone to the foreign journalist to spill himself. It was like him, of course, he was a turncoat and loser whose family had never played by the book…”

The Bones – Part 3

“Some people always have to give you the run-around. They reveal a few things, then back off, gloat at you, tell you it’s meaningless anyway. It’s a way of making themselves feel important…”

The Bones – Part 4

“The next thing she heard was a sharp, scraping sound, metal against metal. And feet swaddled in skin shuffling across a packed-mud floor. Also wind-blasted sand against the plank walls, trickling through in places…”

The Bones – Part 5

“In his very own reptilian way, Arty Simpleton idly hung around for a few days, though he did take a few circumspect walks past Wyre’s house…”

The Bones – Part 6

“Oil Town had first been created by the very best efforts of the people who lived there. And these people woke up in the mornings, took deep breaths of dust and told themselves that everything had been for the good…”

The Bones – Part 7

“Like many fighters who come out on top, Arty Simpleton began to realize after a few days that his total victory over his old rival had left him empty…”

The Bones – Part 8

“After her first sighting she did not see them any more. The bone men, or people, or whatever she should call them, kept out of view and did not give themselves away…”

The Bones – Part 9

“After they’d followed the stream around a few more bends in the valley, the mountains opened up and there was a flat plain a couple of kilometers across with agricultural land and orchards; and forested slopes…”



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